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hellish rain of rivers, wash upon me
fields of heads and faces, treading lightly
raised from the dead, once again
crawl out your tomb, the crowd is weeping
Lazarus, you are not anything to me

resurrected martyr, you're anemic
if you can come back, your death is meaningless
leave your human years to dredge the river sands
come back as a snail to seem bereft of arrogance

How can we live inside eternity?
I believe all our fears will one day come true

(I see you at the end, tunnels of light)
(Finally old enough, fade to white leave me here)
(Gate is opened up wide, come inside)


released February 23, 2016
Aaron Collins - drum kit, vocals
Charles D'Ardenne - electric guitar, vocals
Stephen Patota - electric bass

Recorded by Lorin Parker and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music students on 27 April 2015. Vocals and a guitar overdub recorded by Jon Coontz at Audiodidact in November 2015. Mixed by Jon Delvaux.



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Comprador Cincinnati, Ohio

Loud psychedelic rock out of Cincinnati

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