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Now A Fire

by Comprador



released February 3, 2016



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Comprador Cincinnati, Ohio

Loud psychedelic rock out of Cincinnati


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Track Name: Now A Fire
No one sees when your hands shake
So be true in what you'd say
Try to hold the key
It punches a hole in my palm
Feel the scales burn off your wings
Breath steams out your pores and sings
Spark to ward off the cold night

I don't need to fear because I'm headed for the light
If our writing's not perceived it's not without a fight
Yeah we arc toward a sun we may never see realized

Watch our ashes smoldering
We're the glow destruction brings
I'm your fire's wick. Draw through me as I become soot
Follow my shadow
Follow my shade into night
Into the night sky
Shadow sheltering the sky
Sparking to ward off the cold
Warm and happy

I don't mind

Follow my shadow into the night sky
When I sail into the abyss you don't have to stay with me
When the fire consumes us we will be eternally warm and happy