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released July 16, 2015

Aaron Collins - drum kit, vocals
Charles D'Ardenne - guitar, vocals, percussion, bass guitar (tracks 2, 4 & 7-10)
Stephen Patota - bass guitar (tracks 3 & 5)
Neal Vaughn Humphrey - bass guitar (track 6)

Tracks 1-5, 7-10:
Instruments recorded by Jon Coontz at Audiodidact in fall 2014

Track 6:
Instruments & Aaron's voice engineered / recorded February 18th, 2014 by Lorin Parker and John Hoffman at CCM

All other sung vocals recorded by Michael Schenk at Audiogrotto on November 22-23, 2014
All songs mixed by Jon Delvaux in early 2015
All songs mastered by Dave Davis at QCA in April 2015

Tambourine on 'Le Rêve': Jon Coontz
Additional vocals on 'Fear To Break': Corey Bennett & Adam Pettit
Additional claps on 'Temper' & power drill on 'The Shadow Line': Jon Delvaux

Artwork by Charles D'Ardenne

Released by In Store Recordings



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Comprador Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Information Trap
There were things I'd want to know
But I've forgotten many of them
Being a bottomless pit will embarrass me
What would I do if I learned all these things?
Nothing; I was an information trap
Track Name: Le Rêve
Fail now, profligate
Never sated, watch the moths drink from your pale skin
My wakeful veins will betray
No attraction to what lingers of the shade

Bear a voice that none would hear
Hone its edges
Draw it from the dream and swing
Twelve years under, wake in fright
Not worth saving
Burn the veil to reject the night

Cleave my ribs. So transparent
I lied to you and you lied to me
We'll walk from ashen seas
Air submersion
Red eyes: careful when you breathe

I won't see you outside of sleep
Until I find the time
I'll never see you outside of sleep

I won't watch you wait for death
Too impatient when you sing me your last breath
Now we've told our cheated vows
What I remember can't outrun the way I see you now

I'll never see you outside of sleep until I find the time
Track Name: The Bruxist
These ruins we inflame: unconsumed by our luminous dance
We ignite and we fade.
Stones we didn't cut will fill our jaws now

I'm in the dark falling asleep. They will not comprehend me
Vacant words in our hearts align
Smiles will bear our scars engraved in ruminations

Go to sleep and bite like you'd arrest your fate in your teeth
Don't dream but forget til unconsciousness relents your peace
Track Name: Elisional
In a smile a lie, an invitation to project a thought from a grin's gleam
And what face could betray no diverging
An earnest scowl, a joke unseemly
I don't trust my sight when I view myself
Fake another smirk and I feel embalmed
Drained of any urge to act what I think
My true face's shrine dissolves

I fear obliteration
To be no good, to leave no trace. Elision, doubt

And how much we yearn to define a space
To transcend the vast and unspoken's worth
And if we're to burn we would love to scar
The face of the indifferent earth

Find another way
Track Name: Pollinator
Dying battery
You can't recharge me
I'm caustic and will sear your fingertip
When my sour blood sinks to my lower side
I want to know why I was made bored

A mass without a voice, no homeland for the mute
We'd speak but anything's been said
The semiotic caul has dammed your cries since birth

I don't feel intended now
I don't feel it

How does it feel to drown? If you can't play the part
Too unassured to flail against death
Persuade him that you're safe, then drag your savior down
Embraced to feed your failing final breath

On a lonely drive back home, I fell into a lake of blood
And the hours they can pass just as long as they release me
Now my lungs have become gills
Swim straight to the bottom of hell
And you can be my flower
Pollinate the universe
Track Name: Troubles
I'm to blame for your troubles now that I get it
I'm all confused
Rain is sad but it has to happen. Won't you fill my cup?
It's always you

Bones have fused where they've broken. Now that I feel it...
It's never right
Truer words never spoken. Now that I hear it...
Losing my sight

I'm going to find you in another life
Track Name: Fear To Break
-delia, truce, no mien
Ecstatic at / tacit at scene
I am one, we're two curtailed
Flagellant where'd you get your flail?

Feign asleep, the eight-fold path
Unauthorized to explore that mask
Psyche do the right thing please
You've yet to truly sing for me

I'm so afraid to break it now

Familiars denote your craft
I call you witch, you call you daft

You can't teach me dressage to win
You need not fear to break my skin
Track Name: Temper
Some that's come to pass not memorialized
She won't even talk to you. Wondering what it means
Actionary age, narcissistic youth
You won't even talk to her. Nothing unforeseen

Isn't helping, haven't had enough
Temper tantrum let it off
Turn it on and let it go to waste

Say it's just a glitch
You can write it down
You won't even talk to her. What isn't as what if
Signifier sign. Simulated real
Transcend everything you feel. It's all just a myth

Never came to pass. Memory of regrets
Commemorate the conversations you two never held
Old before your time, inexperienced
Should be contradictory but paradox is quelled
Track Name: Speak Your Mind
We're the same
You shake my hand. I feel stupid
My ears ossified.
They cauliflower like any other

My rest was halted
A dolt's gate addled mine

Speak your mind
The only room where you're the smartest
This door is for you
I'm going to go and shut it now
Track Name: The Shadow Line
You're drunk at ten A.M.
Love's loser again
Dawn caught you off guard
You feel dissolved by hours that slid past
Since the night's oblivion
Memories aren't good

Panic setting in. Wipe your palms again
Phosphenes that you see: the sun or something worse?
Mind tenderly bruised, each new thought a curse
Unfurling as you stood

to cross the shadow line
Unite us
Come on yeah

Drunk when you awake
Your wits forsake
Stumble to the car. Nailed to the wheel your palms blossom rust
Shut that door
We've been here before