by Comprador

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We didn't have a bassist yet.


released 10 April 2014

Aaron Collins -- drum kit, harmony vocals, shaker
Charles D'Ardenne -- lead vocals, Rhodes, bass, guitar, flanger
Jacob Tippey -- recording/mixing, Space Echo
Henry Wilson -- recording (some of Charlie's vocals from "I Hate Everything")



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Comprador Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Deserve Better
Get hung up on my attempted honesty
We say to our friends, "You deserve better"

Try to hide. Your ghetto's full
Important fish in a deaf pond
Desired for your dance, not song

It's wrong

So she'll contract
You'll depend on fair

Paper bag confines my crime
Kiss me from its brighter side
Criminal can't fly from kin
So wet so wet alight glisten
Track Name: I Hate Everything
These lips you kissed split open when I speak
Uncrowned chondriac accepts a drag since I'm weak

I hate the reasons that keep me from you
I hate that I'm on your margins
Speck on the radar. Insignificant
Just platonic. A whipped friend

What's to hide or suppress? It's a stone around my neck
Go to sleep. Tie yourself to the train tracks.

I hate everything you love

Darker bird, inaugured, anxiety's pomp
On the wrong shore, outlived us
So frozen as if we had never been known
Or all I've ever's the dunce's non-crown

Track Name: (I Talk To the) Windtalkers
Beginning. In such implied an end
Brought to epiphany as if
Your first words, lacking all subsequents
Were based upon a fallacy

Jewelbox parks. Iron wrought by slaves
Gentrification is escape

Appearances or a lack thereof
Condemned you to obscurity
Eviscerated seductive lie
Coercion into loveless peace

Get out

There is no escape
Track Name: Into the Woods
Taken aback by what you said
Not that you meant any more than you know
Let them all in. Bleed it all out
Write on your desk. Get a tattoo of your name on my hand

We go into the woods

Why wouldn't you give it a rest?
Throw in the towel, it's all over now
Dance in the dark
Power went out. Bury your father so he won't come back