by Comprador

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released June 16, 2016



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Comprador Cincinnati, Ohio

Loud psychedelic rock out of Cincinnati


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Track Name: Lazarus
hellish rain of rivers, wash upon me
fields of heads and faces, treading lightly
raised from the dead, once again
crawl out your tomb, the crowd is weeping
Lazarus, you are not anything to me

resurrected martyr, you're anemic
if you can come back, your death is meaningless
leave your human years to dredge the river sands
come back as a snail to seem bereft of arrogance

How can we live inside eternity?
I believe all our fears will one day come true

(I see you at the end, tunnels of light)
(Finally old enough, fade to white leave me here)
(Gate is opened up wide, come inside)
Track Name: Fail-Safe
I don't need a fail-safe to crash
Slower death than merited
We burned so bright
You & I will fly again as ash
The only outcome any worse we'd soon forget
We desire real lives to lose
A deadly gap between our wants and how we choose

Prove yourself to me
I'm not able to author your thoughts

Prove myself to you
I'm not a voice
Everyone you fear shares fetters on their choice

If you were real I would ask your hand but no
You're imaginary
I viewed such sights I'd never replicate in speech
I lied to prophesy
There's nothing to repay
Track Name: Now A Fire
No one sees when your hands shake
So be true in what you'd say
Try to hold the key
It punches a hole in my palm
Feel the scales burn off your wings
Breath steams out your pores and sings
Spark to ward off the cold night

I don't need to fear because I'm headed for the light
If our writing's not perceived it's not without a fight
Yeah we arc toward a sun we may never see realized

Watch our ashes smoldering
We're the glow destruction brings
I'm your fire's wick. Draw through me as I become soot
Follow my shadow
Follow my shade into night
Into the night sky
Shadow sheltering the sky
Sparking to ward off the cold
Warm and happy

As a moth into a flame I was a name I'm now a fire

I don't mind

Follow my shadow into the night sky
When I sail into the abyss you don't have to stay with me
When the fire consumes us we will be eternally warm and happy
Track Name: Patient
Go to sleep

I don't want this consciousness
I don't want this medicine
Gloved hands violate my skin

Is this procedure necessary
I don't want this surgery

I don't want to wake up
I feel it now

Je ne veux pas cet médecin

I feel it now, the knife

Surface for a moment then I am gone
Skin's silent expanse gloved hands now scourge
I'll strain to move an eyelid mute paralyzed
Forget before I awaken, suffering thoughts die

There is no fear just pain